Pinus fenzeliana Hand.-Mazz. (Pinaceae) still misinterpreted?


Despite the clarification of long-lasting problems with the interpretation of the name Pinus fenzeliana Hand.-Mazz. by Businsky 2004 and the selection of a neotype, at least two authors have recently connected this name with fundamentally different taxa following the old concept based on several confusions caused by insufficiency and later through the absence of original material. Relevant misinterpretations are reviewed and a photo of the neotype specimen of P fenzeliana is given along with a photo of the most commonly confused taxon, P. wangii H. H. Hu & W. C. Cheng subsp. kwangtungensis (Chun ex Tsiang) Businsky. Diagnostic characters of P. fenzeliana (leaves ± drooping, mostly 12-19 cm long and less than 1 mm wide, cones erecto-patent, seeds mostly 10-15 mm long, with a rudimentary, lacerate, ineffective wing) and five other taxa (all of P. sect. Quinquefoliae) often confused with it are summarized.

Авторы:   Businský R.

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