Ein einzigartiger Tannen-Hain auf Kamschatka


The Kamchatka silver fir (Abies gracilis) is an extremely rare and endangered species. Its occurrence is restricted to a small grove on Kamchatka. The species, its ecology and its systematic position are described. The origin of this fir is discussed, perhaps it is a pre-glacial relict endemit. Possible ways of its survival are not yet studied in detail and remain unclear. That is why some unfounded hypotheses and outright myths arise from time to time and can still be found in scientific and popular literature. In recent years, the risk of anthropogenous press on the unique population of the Kamchatka silver fir has increased. This species needs a further investigation as well as strengthening of its protection by the Russian and international conservation community.

Авторы:   Нешатаева В. Ю.,  Орлова Л. В.,  Фет Г. Н.,  Фирсов Г. А.

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